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I just spent the last hour writing the beginning of this post, but as I’ve been up since 4:30 am for a flight that didn’t end up taking off until noon it was less of an introduction and more of an “Eliza rants for 500 words about late-stage capitalism  in two giant run-on sentences” think piece. So that’s getting filed away for a day when I’ve had more than three hours of sleep and am capable of editing myself, and right now I’m just gonna show off my sweet loot from the last few weeks.

This is the Medora Junktion. I don’t know if it’s technically a store or what. It’s “by appointment only,” which means that you call and leave a message for Barry, the owner, and if he doesn’t call back in a while you walk few hundred feet to the big white house next to Randy’s Market and knock on the door there. If they’re home, Barry’s parents will answer the door (don’t worry, they are always home) and chat with you about about the weather for a bit before promising to let Barry know you stopped by when he comes over for supper later on. Luckily supper happens around 4 pm so you should’t have to wait too long.

While you shop, Barry’s giant black dog will keep you company and Barry will offer you a cigarette, which I always partake in just because how often do you get to shop and smoke cigarettes at the same time? If you’re going in the winter, dress warmly because the shop doesn’t have heat, and try to go as early as possible because I’m not sure the overhead lighting works either.

Everything is priced pretty absurdly: my brass waterfall lamps cost $20 each, but individual dinner plates are all stickered at $4. Barry usually notices when something is too expensive, though, and throws out much better numbers while dusting off your stuff and apologizing for the stickers.

It’s a really good place. I’m not in town very often, but when I am it’s usually the highlight of my trip.

Anyway, here’s the random stuff I picked up a few weeks ago


First of all, LOOK AT THOSE CARAFES. I am pretty obsessed with gold midcentury carafes, and pick up a few every time I’m at Barry’s. (They didn’t used to survive for very long in my apartment, mostly due to a roommate with a not-great sense of proprioception and spacial awareness, but I have high hopes for my new roommate’s ability to live among adults.) The tall one is probably for wine (the top is a giant cork) and is the new love of my life. My other favorite thing is the pink candy dish–I don’t know what I’m going to use it for but there are little roosters on it!

The brass desk lamp is super rad and only cost $12. It’s not quite as delightfully insane as those mushroom lamps I love at Target, but I also kind of need chill on the loud brass lamp thing maybe. (Side note: does anyone know what the little nipple in the center is for? It doesn’t seem to do anything when I turn it. So mysterious!) The gold snowflake plates were I think a dollar each. I’ve been eyeing them for literally years, and my old Ikea plates are finally chipped enough to justify buying some new ones. I’m a little too scared to break them though so for the time being we just aren’t using any plates at all. Finally, there’s that terrible little landscape. I love it so much. I can’t decide which room to hang it in because it looks amazing everywhere I put it. I want to attach it to a harness and wear it on my body instead of clothing.

and, since I’m a jerk, here’s some non-thrifted stuff I got around the same time

Can we talk about those brass wine glasses for a second? They’re $7 at Target and everybody should have a million. I buy one every time I stop in at Target. They’re unbreakable, hold at least 12 oz, and have so many uses. I use two to hold my makeup brushes, one as a vase for small flowers, and I’m going to make some super classy candles with a few once I finish my eternally in-progress DIY Cast Study planter. That marble and copper bottle opener is also from Target and is kind of pointless since James stopped drinking and I only drink PBR, but it’s so pretty!

I have no idea what that plant is, but I’m delighted by it and it’s the only plant not currently dying in my apartment. This one healthy plant is pretty much holding my sanity together. A day after I took this picture all the leaves suddenly stood straight up which totally freaked me out, and now they seem to change orientation whenever they feel like it. Thanks for being you, weird plant!

The vintage teak salad set was liberated from my mother’s kitchen cabinets. (Not pictured: the big salad bowl, which is busy holding tomatoes and looking cool as fuck on the kitchen counter.) I’ve loved these since I was a kid and was super psyched to discover they hadn’t been put into storage. There’s also a  70’s Chemex coffee maker in those cabinets, which I really want to own but also I’ve accepted that I’m a lazy asshole who will use my crappy Mr. Coffee until I die.

So many new things! Too many new things, actually. My new resolution is to stop buying house stuff until I get through at least one half-assed round of Konmari. I’ve taken to filling drawers with ripped t-shirts and half-burned offensively scented candles, so I need to deal with myself swiftly and firmly.

BUT small-town thrifting is just so good. Anyone else find any cool stuff while they were home for Christmas?

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  1. Oh my god, I love those plates! I can get a little too anxious about my stuff breaking and I’ve been trying to get better and realize that it’s just stuff (this is also what I said when my boyfriend helped me move my dresser and scraped the top, but it’s ok (I said, through gritted teeth), it’s just stuff)

    1. I think I have a little PTSD going on from my prior living situation (RIP countless dishes and every single ceramic lamp I owned) but yeah, I totally need to relax. Plus there were a ton of matching plates (and little dessert plates and teeny bowls!) at the shop that I didn’t buy so I can always get replacements. With vintage, the idea of “it’s just stuff” doesn’t really exist for me. Maybe I should work on that too!

  2. I’m actually here for the run-on capitalism critique, but also looking forward to the DIY Case Study. The wine carafe is a particularly good score! I pretty much refused to go outside when I was home in WI over the holidays and I’m regretting it now.

    1. Oh man, I’m so grateful my Wisconsin family decided to decamp to Florida this Christmas. I don’t think I would have gone outside either.

      Oh and don’t worry, I’m sure after Friday I’ll be full of enough, uh, “enthusiasm” for plenty of rambling capitalism rants. I’m just hoping I don’t get some irresistible urge to get Karl Marx tattooed on my face.

      The stand for the planter has been done for forever, but it’s that freaking pot that’s holding me up. So far all of my ideas haven’t worked but I have high hopes for this gallon of joint compound I got today.