omg the sayulita chair is on sale!!

One King’s Lane just marked down their Sayulita chairs from $365 to $209! OF COURSE I just finished my DIY version so this isn’t useful to me at all, but somebody else should really buy one so I can live vicariously through them. (Also, if someone wants to buy one and then sell it to me in six months when my finances have recovered from their current hemhorragic state, that would be great as well.)

Seriously, this chair is so cute and so comfortable and I’m so annoyed that it didn’t occur to me to wait for a post-Thanksgiving sale.

Here’s a link! (Not an affiliate link btw, I’m just very excited about this sale.)


(Oh, and if you’ve had trouble accessing the blog for the last week, sorry about that. Long story short, Bluehost is a fucking nightmare of a hosting company and the people at  GoDaddy are heroes who pulled me back from the brink of homicidal frustration-based total brain death.)

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