Hey you can follow me on Bloglovin now!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

If you don’t already use Bloglovin or another RSS feeder (Feedly is my favorite iOS option), they’re the easiest way to keep up with all your random internet crap and they save you a ton of time that could better be spent on proctastination and avoiding your giant mountains of laundry. They’re especially awesome if you follow blogs that update infrequently like Young House Love or Hyperbole and a Half (it’s been three years since your last post, Allie, but I’d wait forever for you) because you don’t have to check for new posts all the time.

Anyway since fully 25%* of the blog comments I’ve received so far (that were not left by my dad) are about how to get notified of new posts, I thought Bloglovin would be a good way to do that (and way less narcissistic than setting up a Facebook group.) So follow me! Or don’t, I’m not in charge of your internet life!

Here is a picture of a dog that looks like Anthony Weiner:



*25%= 1 comment out of the four total comments I’ve received. 25% sounds so impressive though!


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