Hey it’s an empty blog!

There’s going to be stuff here soon, I promise. And it’s going to be THE MOST AMAZING STUFF EVER. There are going to be so many pictures of dogs and fancy chairs and maybe even dogs sitting on fancy chairs that you will not be able to even remember a time before Best Friends Pizza Club came into your life. But before your heart gets broken, I guess I should warn you that there will not actually be that much pizza-related content, because BFPC is about so much more than pizza. It’s about dogs, and chairs, and painting things and building things and seeing what happens when you glue one thing to another thing and then set it in your living room and try to pass it off as “decor.” It’s about the important things in life. 


So stay tuned, and and get ready to trash your apartment!

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  1. Ty for the idea of what to cover Ugly vinyl with I just bought a HUD House that’s just shy of condemnable. Enjoy the candidness of your step by step