i’m gonna be on tv!

A few weeks ago the Rachael Ray Show flew me out to New York to do a teeny segment about my kitchen project. It was super fun and super strange and super scary and maybe I’ll write a longer post about it later, but the two main things I learned were

  1. My brain turns to a pile of goo in the presence of video cameras
  2. Rachael Ray is even louder in person than you think she would be

Anyway, it’s going to air on Monday. I’m not going to watch it, mostly as a self-esteem preserving measure, so I’d like to request that anyone who does watch it¬†please just lie to me and tell me that I was amazing and a total natural, rather than a weird anxiety monster doing a bad impression of human behavior.

(Fun fact: According to this picture I’m way taller than Rachael Ray, but in my memory she was positively¬†towering over me while we spoke.)

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